K-12 art at Sleepy Eye Public School

I began my art career with a love for art in school. I decided to enter into a career in graphic arts and worked at a graphic designer/computer animator for a number of years before deciding to return to college and pursue another degree in teaching. I began working at SEPS in the fall of 2013 and have already begun to make my mark at this school. We have reintroduced art to 5-6 grade and have added in a computer arts and animation class as the next level to the already popular graphic design course.

Personally I have six children and live on a hobby farm about a half hour from Sleepy Eye. My children all attend another school, but all take interest in the arts in one way or another. As an artist I continue to oil paint, dabble in photography, and create pottery (my three favorite mediums). I continue to be involved in the graphic design world by doing web designing work for a number of companies.

I am looking to further expand my students knowledge as well as my own. My philosophy of art is that art is NOT reserved for the few "talented" people out there, but is for anyone willing to learn the "skills" to create. My job as a teacher is to impart the skills the students need to achieve art, to expand their minds in ways that they never thought possible and to expose them to art and the history of art and the world around us.