Welcome to the Luverne Middle/High School Art Department
Luverne Art Dept.

Classes that we offer in Luverne are:

Middle School (9 weeks)

6th grade Art
Color Wheel Study
Opaque Watercolor Painting
Oil Pastel Drawing (Shading, Depth)
Dale Chihuly Organic Sculpture
Clay Mask (Contrast, Pattern)
Value Scale Fruit Study

8th grade Art
Elements and Principles Packet (Leonardo Papers)
Famous Faces Portraits (Andy Warhol, Georgia O'Keefe)
Value Scale Still Life Drawing
Plaster Craft Mask
Famous Paintings Spoof

High School

Art 1A
Art 1B
Art 2
Art 4 (Independent Study)

Here is a mural project that three Independent students did in the spring of 2013

8 ' x 10' wall mural