Ms. Danielle Wedeking
Southwest Star Concept
Visual Arts Instructor
Cell: 507 329 4231

Hello PLC members! I accepted a full time art teacher position at Southwest Star Concept for the 2013-2014 school year. They are not in the FLY but I would still love to share and be part of the PLC. If you need to reach me I put my gmail account on here. I will update it when I get my new school e-mail address. Have a great summer!

I display all of my student's projects on Here is a link that takes you to Adrian's Middle School and High School Artsonia web page:
Middle School Artsonia Page
High School Artsonia Page

Visual Arts I - First Quarter Projects- Fall 2012

  • Optical Illusion Line Art Project
IMG_4744.JPG IMG_4710.JPG
  • Zentangle Drawing Project
IMG_4603.JPG IMG_4586.JPG
What is Zentangle? Click here to find out more about zentangle drawing!

Here is a website that I had the students go to on the Ipads that gives step-by-step directions for zentangle patterns. The ipads worked great because they were able to have the zentangle pattern directions right in front of them while they were drawing.
Zentangle Pattern Website

  • White Charcoal Drawing on Black Paper Project

  • Repeated Shape Drawing Project
This is a project I usually do with my visual arts intro class. They create an interesting shape that they will create stencil of. They are only allowed to make marks on their paper using their stencil. By repeating the shape they must create an interesting composition that leads the viewer's eye through out the work. We discuss shape, color, positive and negative space and the use of a focal point to create a dynamic composition. They have to create a Here are some examples:

Visual Arts 6 - First Quarter Projects- Fall 2012

  • Line and Shape Drawing Project
  • 3D Color Wheel Project
  • Pointillism Painting Project
  • Name Mosaic Tile Project

Advanced Visual Arts - First Quarter Projects - Fall 2012

  • Summer Memory Grid Drawing Senior Lounge Mural
  • Sand Mandalas Project