Welcome to the F.L.Y. Student Showcase Information Page

2014-2015 F.L.Y Student Project

Create a Portrait! Themes can vary; Portrait of a Hero, Self-Portrait, ME in the Past/Future... Be CREATIVE!

Explore portraits of masters of the past!

How do modern artists do today create portraits? What happens when traditional painted portraits and technology mix?

Language Objectives:

1. Portrait
2. Value
3. Proportion
4. Balance
5. Contrast

What: Various artworks featuring diverse media.
3 Theme Choices
1. Location (A place to remember)
2. My Best Day Ever (Google Doodle Contest Theme)
Google Entry Form:
3. (Self) Portraits
4. Choice

Who: Artworks created by students who attend school in the Flexible Learning Year districts. All school ages (depending on your teaching assignment).

When: Deadline for at least 3 submissions of one of the themes above is APRIL 30th, 2013

via email to Jamie Steffl jsteffl@redwood.mntm.org

Below find a Parent Permission Slip that can be used to share this with parents of students chosen for display.

Your three submissions should be for a 1st place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place work base on the requirements discussed at our PLC
In addition to submitting these works as jpegs, you will need to sdubmit a coordinating rubric.

When submitting work please include:
1. Artist Name
2. Artist's Statement
3. Artwork Title
4. Coordinating Rubric
5. Grade & Place (ex. 1st = A work)
6. Brief description of the lesson
7. Mediums used

Have fun creating,
Jamie Steffl; RVHS Visual Arts

Examples to follow on this page soon...

A little something for Discussion- Art Competitions- to judge, or not to judge art.