Welcome to my artplc page

A Little About Me:

I teach K - 12 art at Sleepy Eye Public Schools
Elementary Art K - 6, Elementary Computer Art,
Junior High Year A and B,
Drawing/Painting, Advanced Drawing/Painting,
Pottery/Sculpture, Advanced Pottery/Sculpture,
Studio Art and Graphic Design

Contact Information:

email: mary.vanroekel@sleepyeye.mntm.org
website: Sleepy Public School - Art Dept.

Helpful resources:

For Graphic Design I show this PowerPoint of the Principles of Design applied to photographs.

In Advanced Drawing/Painting I like to have the students come up with their own project ideas. They often want to do the same thing over and over so I ask them to shuffle up their medium, style, principles, elements and subject emphasized.

The following file is a way I give them examples and let them have fun choosing their own project. Some times the "wheel" doesn't spin the way I would like it, but if they tap somewhere within the circle it usually gives a random spin.

Then I give them the following checklist that they must turn in with their project.

This next one I borrowed from www.sharemylesson.com
The kids had fun with this.

Human Figure Drawing is intimidating to most so I have students start with a measure each other lesson. Then we discuss body and head proportions before we start drawing.

The three files below are the introduction to my handbuilt units in Pottery. (Modified from some of Neil's files)
I show these before doing demonstrations of each method.