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Gail Holinka- Worthington High School

Welcome to my Wikispace!

This wikispace is an ongoing work in process; enjoy your visit and feel free to use and share whatever material you find useful. You can email me with any questions, or if you see broken links, etc. Please protect the copyrights of artists represented in my site and give them credit by using their name whenever sharing. I hope this site inspires you to be active in your art community too!! Thank you for visiting!

As an Arts Educator and Arts Advocate for over 21 years, I wear many hats that confirms my dedication, not only to Art Education but the benefits of Art to communities as a whole. My current roles include:

Art Educator at WHS since 1996, I also taught for 14 years at MN West Community & Technical College. I serve as a volunteer Community Arts Coordinator- Have organized the annual "Arts on the Shore" for 12 years, served on the Nobles County Art Center 12 years, and most recently headed up the newly formed Worthington Public Arts Commission, in which I currently serve as Chair. I am happily married to my husband Dave of 33 years and we have 3 wonderful children, Justin, Jessica (husband Alex Pass), and Jordan!

My Personal Goals

Through art education, I will do my best to make the world a better place! I will not only educate my students about art, I encourage them to connect to personal interests and life experiences. This helps to nuture their creative process, makes their art more meaningful and develops a personal voice through their artwork. Through sharing their art, they can see how it connects to others and the world around them.

I hope to help shape them into caring and respectful human beings, that see the importance of volunteering and being committed to connecting to their community through the ARTS!

Learning is LIFELONG! I vow to remain an active learner and take ongoing staff development and graduate level classes. I love to create art of all types when I can, and am an avid photographer of nature and landscapes. Unfortunately my art takes the back burner due to the many other responsibilities I have, so by taking Grad level classes this helps me stay active in the studio arts and keeps me current in Art Education. I have begun to cut back on some of my volunteer responsibilities so I can focus on my own artwork more as I get closer to retirement. I hope to retire and do art on a full-time basis when that day arrives. There are many new and wonderful opportunities waiting for me to explore.


Worthington Regatta and Unvarnished Music Festival


Supportive links to our school websites-


AOK (Art/Optimist/Kiwanis) Club

AOK Club received a Research and Planning Grant from Forecast Public Arts in 2010 to develop a local Public Arts Commission. After a year and a half of research and policy development, the Worthington City Council adopted the Policy in the Spring of 2012. Nominated members were appointed on Nov. 13, 2012.

Gail Holinka-Chair 3 year term- serving second term
Amy Ernst- City Council Rep.
Brenda Hurlbut-
Antonio Madrigal-serving his second 2 year term
Cheryl Navara.
Student Member-Than Than Kyaw

We will be adding our Worthington Public Arts Commission website in the near future; We are always looking for interested stakeholders and committee help. If you are interested in being involved in Public Arts in Worthington, please email me! A great deal of information can be found on our Facebook page.




Why I Teach

I enjoy teaching my love of art to all those around me. I want Others to appreciate the beauty around them, even in the simple things we take for granted. It's the small things in life that can mean the most, a beautiful sunset gives me the chance to reflect on my life day to day. Living in a free society I feel very blessed and I'm grateful for the men and women who fight every day for our freedom. I feel I'm in one of the best professions in the world! To help students believe in themselves and pursue their dreams, it will help shape them personally and in return our future world will be rewarded as well! Thanks for sharing your children with me through Arts Education! I look forward to working and growing together to make our community and the World a better place to live and thrive in!!

What I teach

Art Classes I usually teach include: Intro to Art, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Crafts, Digital Photography, Computer Graphics.

Who I Teach-

Students of today are:

1. Very Talented and caring! By empowering my students I know they will not become"The Lost Generation"

We must reverse the way we think! Powerful Student Palindrome a MUST VIEW!

Think of the talent and creativity it took to write this! IMPRESSIVE!

2. Very good at embracing diversity!

Our school is one of the most diverse in the state and we pride ourselves in the wonderful connections we make with our students everyday. We are understanding and accepting of one another! Art records history as it always has, and we connect to others in today's society based on the traditions/customs we all know! We celebrate these cultural differences in our schools; this helps nurture the love of learning for all!!

Community Connections through Nobles County Integration Collaborative

3. Media driven and always connected (to something).

In my classroom, I want it to be a fun environment where students are learning and growing. As innovative teachers in today's technological world, we are always trying to stay abreast of currents trends in education through the use of technology. We work cooperatively with the Perpich Arts Center to develop curriculum using best practices, to meet the needs of all learners we are fortunate enough to teach! I want use technology and personal devicesto keep students actively engaged; using them in a way that benefits their learning and does not disengage them from the task at hand. BEWARE TOO MUCH IS NOT GOOD!!

Multitasking and how it affects your learning!

Arts Advocacy*

The Arts Pick up STEAM!! Why the Arts are necessary??

Georgette Yakman

STEAM Powerpoint

Stendent with art in their curriculum DO BETTER ON TESTS!

2011 Perpich Arts Center MN Arts Education Survey Drumroll please......

ART MATTERS and we can help close the education gap though the arts!

Below are the links to the survey results and recommendations!

National Coalition for Core Art Standards


Artist Statement Purpose

Careers in Art are out there; how can I make it in an Art Career in the 21st Century?

Link to NEA 2008 Report: Careers in Art

Supportive Links.

Dropbox- Free Storage Webiste to share files and folders Click on and set up your free account today~ Share with family, friends and co-workers. The more that join, then the more free space you earn.

Creating Powerful presentations using PREZI- Cool prezi visuals! You'll be hooked!


Using iPads in Art Education


Student Art Showcase Look at Students work cross districts in SW MN

Digital PHOTOGRAPHY 1***

Exploring themes while getting to know your camera and also "how to be a photographer"!!!

My Favorite Photography Websites!

National Geographic

Guide to Photography

Digital Photography Debate- In todays world is digital imaging/photography all tech and no talent

Is Digital Photography all Tech and no Talent?

Photography as we see it today.

My Fravorite Famous Photographers!!

The Importance of Photographic Compositions; is it really that important??

Artists who create then photograph their works!
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Photography Websites-


Create a vignette on your portraits


Meet a modern photographer, Wing Young Huie, who captures diversity. Who are we anyway????

Wing Young Huie-University Ave Project

Frog Town Slideshow
Native American Artist- Laura Young using modern media for collage

Wing Young Huie shares what "Chineseness" means to him.Public Radio interview What is my identity?

How would you answer his following questions if Wing Young Huie came up to you on our streets to photograph you??

What are you?

How do you think others see you?

What don’t they see?

What advice would you give to a stranger?

What is your favorite word?

Describe an incident that changed you.

How have you been affected by race?

Ask yourself...How does Huie add something unique to his photography? What emotions can be most easily expressed through photography? Do photos really tell the story? If not, what does? How can you create photographs that will communicate to others the story to be told?

***Portrait Assignment-

What does diversity mean to you??

How do you view "Our Town" of Worthington, that was established in 1876?

My grandparents Dora and Herman Peters were immigrants from Germany who came here in 1924. Why? For a better life, much like the Immigrants that still come today. How did you end up in Worthington? Even though we may come from different country's, speak different languages, and hold different customs, most everyone comes for the same reason. OPPORTUNITY!

Capture images of the people that make up the fabric of Worthington today! Introduce yourself and the project. Ask the questions Wing Young Huie asked, and start taking portraits that capture their personal voice, or the unspoken words of your people. Use your portrait skills in photography to connect to the inner souls of those you meet!

Thank them when finished and let them know you care!

ESSAY- http://www.mnoriginal.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Wing_Young_Huie.pdf

Public Art-

Advanced Digital Photography*

Taking Digital Photography to the next level!!

Exploring themes in Action, Silhouettes, Night Shots,

Exlporing Creative Photography for Inspiration!!

Doug Beasley- Photo Merging- DIGITAL COLLAGE

Harvesting Photos with the famous Vincent Versace

The voice of an artist through landscape photography.

Landscapes- A Photographers Influence

Creative Digital Self Portraits

Modern printing processes using digital grounds.

Creative PSA (Public Service Announcements)

How can students today make a lasting impression on the public, by sharing messages through PSA incorporating photography skills and modern media.
10 PSA worth viewing!


Keeping a daily visual journal/sketchbook

painting terms, materials, examples, etc**

Painting Landscapes from a Personal Photograph
Bales (3).JPGPainting Bales (3).jpg

Abstract Expressionism-

http://digital.films.com/PortalViewVideo.aspx?xtid=31232&loid=28706&psid=0&sid=0&State=&title=Wassily Kandinsky: Invisible Shapes&IsSearch=Y&parentSeriesID=

ALYSSM paintings by John Beckley


abstract art zacher-finet



Ramos- Painter
Computer Graphics- 1

Copyright Laws and Regulations- Learn more on the history of copyright laws.

Textbook Adobe Photoshop CS6, Classroom in a Book
Free Tutorials-


Most memorable logo designs.

This class will be busy creating fun and exciting graphics for community print design jobs as well as creative exploration of personal artistic ideas through multiple hands on projects.

Jumping right into Graphic Design!!

Business Cards
Trends in WebDesign for 2013

Making Complex selections-changing out a backgound sky for a better one.

Creating A Montage Collage based on a selected personal theme.

Click here to start!

How to Scan Images

Media Arts!***

Read this article and summmarize the key points- The 4th R- ART http://www.jasonohler.com/translations/english-art_fourth_r.pdf

With trends in technology and education, student designers will need to know how to make connections to their audiences through the vast social media networks worldwide. That is why Media Arts needs to be explored and taught at all levels.

What's your story?? Make a video that incorporates music, narrative, etc. Post to Website to share your story.

  1. My Immigration Story?

  2. Whats going on in our world today? Social Issues!

  3. My scariest life experience.

  4. Public Broadcast Announcement

Lakota Tribes Native American Stories

ISSUES IN SOCIETY! What is your story, your message to the World? How can you/we make change for the better????

Could You Live Here? Homeless/Runaway Youth


Visual Organizers for Storyboards

How to organize your story-

Finding Great Images through Common Core Searches

Selecting Music to connect images/story to emotions! USING MOVIE MAKER TO CREATE YOUR VISUAL STORY-



Students in the Advanced Graphics Class are required to use skills to compete in contests with students at, or above their level. These opportunities can be found on various websites- Worth1000, Google Doodle, etc. See what winning designs look like. Inspired, Adobe Youth Winning Designs

Technology and Carrers in Art- Whats new!!

You might be...too dependent on technology?? if....

Aurasma Website- ARt- Augmented Reality- Jason Ohler Video Clip

How to create your own Augmented Reality piece using Onvert website!

How to make your own Aura!!

Tutorial for Aurasma

Ceramics 1 & 2

What is Ceramics-

History of Ceramics-Wiki Slideshow




Researching the Wonderful World of Pottery!




Creating a Slab Box- Video
How to make a slab box-STEP 1
How to Make a Blab Box- Step 2
Part 3
Step 4

Decorating Clay Techniques

Clay techniques to add interest!

Glazing Pottery- Why and How we glaze!



Worlds of Art Converge in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Projects to consider-


Book Arts- Paper Making/Marbling/Collage


Sand Painting


Mixed Media

Wood Burning

Glass Etching


Creating a Portolio-

Drawing from real life- Still Life Assignment using graphite

Surrealism- Drawing from your imagination- Using color to enhance mood. Pencils/Pastels

Charcoal Drawings

Portrait Drawing- Heres to my Hero! Veterans, or family tribute

Mixing it up- Drawing abstraction through mix-media and collage

Printmaking- Learning from the Masters!

Printmaking Terms

Projects- Monoprints and Collographs

Gallery Resources/ Art History Resources

United Kingdom National Gallery
National Gallery of Art
Art for the Nation
Guggenheim Museum
Getty Museum
Museum of Modern Art
Minneapolis Institute of Art
Walker Art Center
Heilbrunn Art Timeline

Image Resources

Wow! Great art image resource!
Great Illustrations

Digital Citizenship

Copyright Laws and Regulations- Learn more on the history of copyright laws.

Photo Harvesting- Learn from master photographer Vincent Versace